Why buy a suit from SuitArt?

Here are the 6 most important reasons why SuitArt could customise your suit:

1. Every suit at SuitArt is full canvas

Pay attention. There is no more important point in the quality of a suit than these two words: “Full Canvas”.

  • Nur ein Full Canvas Jackett ist weich im Tragen, besitzt eine große Resilienz und wirkt elastisch.
  • Nur ein Full Canvas Jackett ergibt den echten Maßanzug-Look mit gerolltem Kragen

Likewise, even with the best and lightest suit fabric, you will still sweat more if you are not wearing a full canvas construction.
Even with “half canvas” and even more so “fused” jackets (which unfortunately make up about 98% of pole suits and an estimated 85% of made-to-measure and customised suits), you will get a stiffer jacket that is visibly and noticeably less comfortable and fitted when sitting and moving.
Even if a supplier (often with a Thai, Eastern European or Turkish production site) talks about full canvas, you should investigate the truth of this statement.
Because many suppliers on the market communicate in a grey area when it comes to quality, SuitArt has drawn up the Tailored Suit Quality Manifesto. Read more about it here: Quality Manifesto
In a nutshell, there is only one supreme discipline that makes every suit the perfect bespoke suit: full canvas.

2. Rely on the experience of 3 master tailor

Roger Federer & Meisterschneider Beldono Lucente in Zürich

Meisterschneider Beldono Lucente und Roger Federer

SuitArt is run by the Italian Lucente family of tailors, who currently work with three master tailors from within the family, each ofwhom has over 30 years of professional experience. The next generation has also already advanced and is involved in themanagement. As a family, we adhere to values and a long-term approach. You benefit from the experience of more than 6000 customised pieces made for local and international customers.


3. Personalised Italian style advice with every visit.

When you buy a tailored item of clothing, not only will your measurements be taken perfectly, you will also benefit from stylish advice with Italian flair, which many customers have trusted for years.

4. Best price-performance ratio

SuitArt does not supply you with the cheapest suits on the market, but we believe they are the suits with the best price-performance ratio and the longest enjoyment and longevity. Because of our traditional origins, we are not interested in the next quarterly closing, but in your long-term satisfaction with your personal tailor.
We do not publicise low “bait-and-switch” prices in order to sell you many things at a surcharge during the sales talk, but stand for the highest standards and quality.
Expect to pay CHF 2000 for the ideal suit, which will give you much longer and more pleasure than a suit at half the price with compromised quality.

5. Guarantee

Everything is included in the price you pay when you make your first purchase. There are no hidden costs or services.

Your satisfaction is also included.

These words may not be easy to deduce logically and legally, because your satisfaction also depends on you personally. But we vouch with our name for your satisfaction. Because in our eyes, a properly customised suit is an exclamation mark and not a question mark.

6. Production time

The normal production time for a suit is around 3 to 4 weeks. However, thanks to our organisation as a company, we can also make a suit for you in 10 working days in an emergency. Please do not hesitate to enquire whether this is currently possible.

For an appointment or other questions, simply contact us by phone or via the contact form.

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Call SuitArt: 044 516 83 93 (direct dialling SuitArt management, Emanuele Lucente)

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