The SuitArt Quality Manifesto

The aim is to make you the best customised suit on the market.


Why a manifesto?

Quality has many levels, and many suppliers talk about quality features that are not really tangible, but rather lie in the grey area. In addition, there is a trend to define a made-to-measure suit purely in terms of the quality of the fabric, the lining and the buttons, although the greatest added value of a durable and comfortable suit lies in the way it is made and not in the materials used.
This is what SuitArt stands for with this quality manifesto.

The SuitArt brand has an exciting founding history and was handed over to a new family of owners with a long tailoring tradition in 2019. Together with the founders, the new owner family has decided that SuitArt suits will be developed into the best product quality on the market in the new decade.


The manifesto for quality in customised suits

  1. The suit is made in full canvas construction.
  2. There are no glued and synthetic inserts in the shoulder and chest area, but a fine fabric made from breathable, elasticated and shaping horsehair.
    • This makes the jacket elasticated and durable.
    • The lapel of the jacket rolls elegantly due to the natural hair inlay.
    • The outer fabric lies flexibly on the inlay.
  3. All buttonholes on the suit are hand-sewn.
  4. The buttonholes on the sleeves are real, the buttons can be opened and closed.
  5. The stripes touch on a suit made from striped fabric
    • on the seam between the collar and lapel.
    • on the upper shoulders of the jacket.
  6. All topstitching is visibly sewn by hand.
  7. A master tailor oversees the measurements, production and construction of the bespoke suit.


Summary and notes

A customised suit made of good fabric, but with an interior that is simply glued with synthetic inserts and heat, can be compared to a table made of chipboard instead of solid wood. At first glance, the two products look similar. From the perspective of resilience, durability and repair options, the differences are enormous.
There is a trend towards products with a shorter lifespan and lower quality at a cheaper price. This trend does not fit in with the bespoke suit.
The traditional Italian tailoring family behind the SuitArt brand recommends that you consider the top quality features when buying a bespoke suit, regardless of which tailor you order it from.

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